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Jane Eyre (Literature)
Jane.Eyre is a young poor Orphan who is mistreated by her Rude Aunt Reed and cousins.She is sent off to an orphan school alone miles away from home, after standing up on her Aunt.While at Lowood, Jane's only friend dies of typhus fever that sweeps the school, after several years at lowood six as a student and two as a teacher, Jane applies to work as a governess in Thornfield. She falls in love with her master Rochester but the marriage fails as Rocheste...
Jane Eyre (Romance)
I think this is the best version of “Jane Eyre,” perfectly cast and acted and very close to the book. Timothy Dalton creates an excellent Mr. Rochester, and Zelah Clarke was born for the part of Jane. Jane Eyre is an orphan raised by her cold-hearted Aunt Reed (Judy Cornwell) and abused by her cousin John. One day Jane stands up to John; when he hits her, she hits back, letting out a flood of long-suppressed emotions. For that Jane is sent away to Low...
Shirley is the strong-willed and headstrong young woman who moves to a small village where she has inherited a vast amount of land, a house, and joint-ownership in a mill. She quickly befriends orphaned Caroline, a quite girl who is pretty much Shirley's opposite and is madly in love with Robert Moore (who is co-owner of Shirley's mill). While Caroline tries to suppress her feeling for Robert, who she is convinced will never love her back, and wonders...
The Professor
The Professor is a story of a central character, William Crimsworth as he attempts to make his own way into the world. William is an orphan, whose mother died in childbirth, and his two Lord uncles undertook his care, begrudgingly, of his education. Alone in the world and determined to make his own living by his own hands, William seeks out his only other living relative, a much older cousin brother who turns out to be quite the brute and offers him job ...

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Lucy Snowe leaves England and a lonely past to become a teacher in a French boarding school in Villette. There, she confronts her feelings of love and longing as she witnesses romances involving Dr. John and two quite different young women. She also finds a love of her own in M. Paul, another teacher at the boarding school. The novel's ambiguous ending leaves Lucy's future to the reader's imagination....

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