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A Feast In Exile
Tor, Sep 2001, 27.95, 496 pp. ISBN: 0312878435 In 1400 AD Timur-i leads his Mongol hordes across Asia, taking control of much of India. In Delhi, the world order changes, as the foreigners no longer have their special status. Those foreigners foolish enough to remain behind in Delhi are either insane or in desperate straits because the city is no longer safe for them. Saint-Germain the vampire has lived in Delhi under the name of San...
In the Face of Death
Madelaine de Montalia, anthropologist, scholar and vampire goes to the American West in the 1840's to learn from the American Indians, as her creator Saint-Germain did 200 years before in South America. She's already spent time with 8 tribes when she comes to San Francisco in 1855 to write up her experiences when she meets and fall in love with William T. Sherman, her banker. She's only with the married Sherman for seven months that year then goes on t...
Midnight Harvest (Science Fiction)
It's the mid-1930s, and even though "The Great War" was supposed to put an end to hostilities, the political situation in Europe seems worse than ever. A vampire named Saint-Germain has settled in Spain, where he runs a very profitable company that builds airplanes. When the Spanish government decides to overtake the company, Saint-Germain knows he's in danger of being imprisoned - or worse. He sees no other option but to flee to America, where Rowena, o...
Midnight Harvest (Thriller/Action)
Warner, Sept 2003, 24.95, 434 pp. ISBN 0446532401 Imagine witnessing the rise and fall of the Egyptian and Roman Great Empires. Ferenc Ragoczy, The Comte de Saint-Germain, walked the Earth when Nineva and Tyre fell, met Ghengis Kahn and Imbhtep of Egypt. He is a vampire over four million years old and travels the Earth with his friend and manservant Rogerio who happens to be a youthful two million-year-old ghoul. At present, Saint-Germain is...

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Monet's Ghost
Geena Howe has a special gift. By looking at a painting in a certain way, she can transport herself into the picture and travel the world inside. To go home, however, she must return to the exact spot where she arrived. Unfortunately, while journeying through a Monet painting, Geena finds the painting's world has a ghost that constantly reshapes scenery and people. When the ghost erases the area where Geena arrived, she becomes trapped in the paintin...

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