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Sweet Annie
Annie has a limp and is confined by her parents in a wheelchair. Her parents do not want anyone to see Annie's deformity and therefore allow Annie no freedom. Annie met Luke when she was 10 and he gave her a ride on his horse. She has loved him and he has loved her. But after the ride, and after her brother busted Luke's lip, Luke was forced to go away. Twenty years later Luke has returned to make something of himself and for Annie....
The Doctor's Wife
How could she say yes? People like Ellie Parrish did not get proposals of marriage from someone like Dr. Caleb Chaney. Even if his offer was the answer to her prayers, a man as decent and kind as Caleb didn't deserve a woman whose past was a lie. Caleb Chaney could see that Ellie Parrish was a woman with a troubled soul. But he could also see a woman with a heart big enough to love his infant son as though she were his mother, and big enough to teach...
The Tenderfoot Bride
Widowed, pregnant and homeless, Linnean McConaughy thought she found happiness in a job as a cook and housekeeper on a Colorado ranch. However, to her employer, Will Tucker, she's simply not suited for the grueling work the job requires, even less so when he discovers she's pregnant. As Linnean proves herself time and time again he realizes he doesn't want to live without her and her child, but can Linnean see past Will's rough exterior and her own fear ...