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Ifemelu and Obinze meet as teenagers in Lagos, Nigeria. They fall in love and experience a strong connection with each other. When Ifemelu immigrates to the US to continue her education, the stress and difficulties she experiences cause her to lose contact with her lover. She enters into romances with Americans, first a wealthy white man and later a black American professor. Ultimately Ifemelu realizes that her heart is still with Obinze. She returns to ...
Purple Hibiscus
"Purple Hibiscus" is a complex tale of Kambili, a young girl growing up in Nigeria, in between the old "pagan" ways and her Catholic upbringing. Her life is structured and ruled by her strict Catholic father, however a trip to visit her Auntie in another town shows her another way of living. Kambili has trouble accepting this alternative lifestyle and feels torn between the two. With the help of her brother, auntie, cousins, and a priest, she begins to s...