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Iron Council
Del Rey, July 2004, 24.95, 496 pp. ISBN 0345464028 Although nobody knows why, the city-state of New Crobuzon has been at war with the Tesh for years; both sides use men and sorcery to gain an inch of land in a conflict that never ends. Within New Crobuzon, the militia keeps a tight control on the people, newspapers print all the party deems fit to print, workers have no right to appeal, and those deemed criminal by the state are killed or magica...
Perdido Street Station
A middle-aged scientist in the sci-fi/fantasy city of New Corbuzon is approached by a mythological bird-man to construct a way for him to regain his lost powers of flight. This inquiry sets of serious of events that involves the accidental release of a terrifying dream-eating monster, and the equally accidental kidnapping of the scientist's bug-headed girlfriend by murderous drug lords....
The Scar
Del Rey, Jul 2002, 18.95, 640 pp. ISBN: 0345444388 The Terpsichoria leaves New Crobuzon bound for a colony with convicts, slaves, and a few paying customers needing to leave the city by any means possible on board. Among the passengers is desolate Bellis Coldwine. The astringent woman has been exiled from the great city. The seafaring voyage turns nasty when pirates board the ship. Most of those sailing on the Terpsichoria are worthless to ...