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One Amazing Thing
A group of nine people are stuck in the visa office of the Indian Consulate in an American city after a massive earthquake. As they wait to be rescued or die they each share one amazing thing about their life. Uma is a young student of English literature who arrives at the visa office of the Indian Consulate at an American city. She is confused and resentful of her parents' decision to return to India after more than twenty five years in the US. She has ...
The Conch Bearer
Two years ago Anand's father left to work on another continent. For three months he sent money back home to them just like he promised. Then the letters and the money stopped. Then his little sister, Meera witnessed a hit and run. She has been comatose ever since. Anand's mother has spent all their savings on doctors to help Meera. Now Anand is working for the cruel tea stall owner, Haru, to help make ends meet. Two things help Anand survive. Fi...
The Unknown Errors Of Our Lives
The Unknown Errors of Our Lives by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Paperback 267pp, US $13. This book is a collection of nine stories, all exploring the in-between space occupied by first-generation immigrants. These set of stories mostly have characters born in India and then migrating to the United States. The inevitable clash -- of the two cultures, of the two belief systems and of the two very different philosophies is what Divakaruni exploits to great...