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A Nigerian teenager leaves his troubled home and reflects on his past before finally leaving Nigeria in search of a better life. Elvis is a Nigerian teenager who has to escape his dangerous surroundings in order to seek a better future. He lives with his father Sunday and his stepmother Comfort, but he does not get along well with them. He spends much of his time hanging out in his dirty, run-down neighborhood, and sometimes he tries to earn money by p...
Song For Night
A young man searches for his platoon across a war-torn area of Nigeria The story begins with the child soldier My Luck waking from a mine blast that has killed one of his best friends in his platoon. Thinking that he was dead, the rest of his platoon left him lying in a field to die. While he is upset, My Luck decides that he must regroup with them. While he is searching for his fellow soldiers, My Luck peruses his memory as he recalls the religious war ...