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Before You Know Kindness
Charlotte McCullough and her cousin Willow Seton are staying at their grandmother's summer home in New Hampshire. Charlotte is 12 going on 13. She yearns to be 16 or 17 years old. Willow Seton is 10 years old and worships her older cousin. They are almost bored by the luxury of going to their Grandmother's club to swim, play tennis, or golfing. Their Grandmother, Nan Seton is a bundle of energy, if she is not playing golf at the club; she is out there mo...
Sibyl Danforth is a midwife in a small town in Vermont. She is well-liked by many and is well-experienced in maternity care and delivery. However, she, along with other midwives are often ridiculed and criticized by doctors in the community and across the nation, who believe that midwives are unfit to perform delivery as safely and efficiently as doctors are able to in a hospital setting. Sibyl performs an emergency cesarean section, in an effort to s...
Skeletons at the Feast
Skeletons at the Feast, takes place during the time of the Second World War, a fascinating tale that is told from various points of view. The author, Chris Bohjalian constructs the final days of the war on the Eastern Front, and details what it was like for civilians under the Nazi rule to be fleeing the pursuing Red Army. The main characters of the book are a wealthy Prussian family the Emmerichs and their eighteen year old daughter Anna. They have b...
The Buffalo Soldier
Terry and Laura Sheldon's twin daughters have accidentally drowned in a flood. A 10-year-old named Alfred is an African American foster child. Terry and Laura are white and take him into their home two years later still trying to cope with their loss. Terry is a Vermont State Trooper and has unresolved issues about the death of his children that he believes will be lessened by having an affair. Laura believes Alfred can give her what she needs. Alfred ha...

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The Law of Similars
Leland Fowler meets Carissa Lake, a homeopath, after he has been sick for about six months with a “cold.” It probably doesn't help that he has been working full-time and raising his four-year-old daughter by himself since his wife died just over two years ago in a tragic car accident. Leland tried many conventional methods to get rid of his cold and finally out of desperation goes to a health food store for Echinacea. The Echinacea didn't work that we...

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