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A Time For Everything (Science Fiction)
A man from the near-but-distant future, Marc Matrix, had no place in this life. All his close family were gone... and even though he had many friends, he still felt out of place. His life changed, though, when he purchased an old farmhouse. He dived into the task of repair of this old dwelling, and because of his thorough search of every nook and cranny, he found some old journals. His life changed from that moment. He learned of a woman from the past ...
A Time For Everything (Romance)
Marc Matrix was a man born in the wrong time. He searched diligently for his place in life, and on his journey he finally found where he belonged. It was not to the century in which he was born, however. In fact, it was about a hundred years in the past. But knowing the right time to be and traveling there would be no easy feat. There would be adjustments to make… including a definite step backward in technology! There was another reason he chose this...
In A Moment Of Time
This is a short story collection, the first of several in the "Time Tracks" series. The basic theme of each story is traveling through time. How each character involved gets there, however, is unique, in my opinion. An act of nature, a magical piece of jewelry, or just an unseen guiding hand, all are means to find that ultimate goal--discovering their destiny....