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Chinese Handcuffs
Dillon Hemingway, a junior at Chief Joseph High School, competes in triathlons. He wants to someday qualify for the Ironman in Hawaii. His brother Preston committed suicide after he started taking drugs and lost his legs in a Harley accident. As a way to cope with this loss, Dillon writes letters to Preston. He also takes on a job as manager and trainer for Coach Sherman, coach of the girls' basketball team. In addition to dealing with his brother'...
Walker and his friends prepare for a challenging swim meet and deal with personal struggles. Walker is a swimmer who has to compete in a swim meet before graduating high school and face his future. Walker is preparing for the Stotan swim meet with his friends and teammates Jeff, Lion, and Nortie. In the weeks leading up to the swim meet, they spend a lot of time practicing swimming, but they also have to deal with a lot of problems. Walker considers b...