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Remembering Sarah
Atria, Apr 2004, 25.00, 400 pp. ISBN: 0743463781 The relationship between Jess and Mike Sullivan was once loving and caring, but now is a battlefield. The person hurt most by the constant war is their five year old daughter Sarah who is pulled by both her parents in a tug of war. Each uses the little girl as a hostage as both adults want freedom from a failed marriage. Jess fears for Sarah's safety and accordingly tries to protect her from l...
World Without End
Pocket, Nov 2001, 25.00, 390 pp. ISBN: 0671040634 Who is this Angel Eyes, who seems invisible and invincible as he steals special weapons leaving behind dead people whom might identify him? No one in law enforcement, espionage, State Department, or Defense can explain how this villain knows where to go. Whether it is Massachusetts or Texas or elsewhere, somehow Angel Eyes knows, comes, and steals. Even more confusing is these state of the ...