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Driving Over Lemons (Literature)
Chris Stewart is a man on a mission. He and his wife Ana have decided to leave their comfortable existence in England and build a new life in the beautiful mountains of Andalucia, Spain. Easily caught up in the beauty and expanse of his new surroundings, Chris soon finds himself the proud owner of farm named El Valero. The next step is to convince his wife that he has purchased the right place to start the next phase of their lives. While she is deci...
Driving Over Lemons (Biography)
The author, a sheep shearer and the original drummer for Genesis, left performing and 20th century civilization (for the most part) to settle in the isolated, backward area of southeastern Spain called Andalucia. He and his wife Ana bought a ramshackle farmhouse in the mountains without electricity, running water, or even an access to roads. Stewart's memoir of making the farm work and getting along with his eccentric neighbors is affable, self-deprecati...