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The Stone Of Light
Pocket, Sep 2001, 16.60, 368 pp. ISBN: 0743403495 Everyone believes the slaves built the pyramids that housed the tombs of the Pharaohs. However, those brilliant architectural structures were fashioned by the people who lived in the Place of Truth, an isolated village of artisans. The virtuosos living there used the magic of the Stone of Light to transform anything into gold and to convert matter into a translucent item. Though revered by ...
The Stone Of Light:: Paneb The Ardent
THE STONE OF LIGHT: PANEB THE ARDENT Pocket, Mar 2001, 16.00, 392 pp. ISBN: 0743403487 A secret community of artisans and their families living in the mythical Place of Truth design and build the royal tombs of the pharaohs. Life and death meet here to create special artistic designs that eventually become the resting-places of Egypt's rulers. The magical Stone of Light can turn anything into gold and make matter translucent. It is place of...