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Instrument of Fate
Finally, life was starting to go well for Gillian Songspynner. She had just won the regional bard title and was on her way to compete at The Castle for the king. But on her way down the stairs, she tripped and crushed her mandolin. Jencir, an elvish bard, begs her to take his lute, a beautifully crafted instrument with a gorgeous tone to the Elf Queen at The Castle. She cannot refuse. However, she later rethinks the elf's largess and goes in search of hi...
Marooned - Star Trek Voyager 14
Kes is kidnapped by an alien pirate and taken to a secure but an environmentally harsh planet. Voyager is soon on their friend's trail. However the away team's rescue attempt fails when an ion storm forces the shuttle to crash land on this unknown world. Captain Janeway, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Tom Paris and Neelix are marooned on the planet's surface and are forced to trek through its harsh environment to leave. The away team come across some friendly ...
The Murdered Sun - Star Trek Voyager 6
Voyager comes across a subspace disturbance indicating a wormhole that could lead them home. However the wormhole is inside a black hole and so they wouldn't be able to survive the journey. On further investigation the crew come across a nearby grave-yard of ships, with the source of destruction coming from the black hole/wormhole. Voyager receives a threat from a buoy telling them not to enter Akerian space. However these hostile aliens stand in the way...