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Shelf Life: The Publicist
Kate Mitchell has a job and man that she loves, but she may be unable to recover when her life is suddenly turned upside down. Kate is a publicist employed at Morris & Dean, a book publishing company in New York City. She has been having an affair with MacDermott Ellis for several months. Mac is a married man and senior editor at Morris & Dean. They often work closely together on various book projects. Mac and Kate attend a writers conference in Los ...
The Publicist
Kate Mitchell is trying to carve out a successful career as a publicist within the struggling book publishing industry while also juggling a complicated love life. Kate is the Public Relations Director for Morris & Dean Publishing in New York City. She is a 34-year-old single woman whose career is a top priority. Kate helps authors promote their books by creating a marketing plan that includes television appearances, book signings, and other events that ...