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Ride the Wind Home
Jove, Apr 2003, 6.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0515135100 In 1814 her father a vicar married sixteen year old Diana to Huntley. Her new spouse is a nasty brute who abuses his young bride. When his friends trap her in an ugly situation, Michael David Lawrence, the Duke of Smythington and a member of the Lucky Seven, intercedes. Following that incident, Diana refused to accept crap from her ugly husband even when David vanishes. Four years later, Huntle...
Ride The Winter Wind
Jove, April 2002 ISBN: 0515132799 Lady Alissa Alana Collington learns that for her to inherit the family fortune she must marry before her twenty-fifth birthday or her odious uncle gains everything. That would not be a difficult accomplishment except Alissa has one week to that particular birthday and has no suitors. In fact, several of the men who have courted her have been murdered; leaving Alissa to conclude her uncle killed them. ...