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All Is Vanity
Margaret has given up her day job as a teacher in a private school with the intention of writing the all-American great novel, but is failing dismally -- at least until she notices that her best friend, Letty, is living it. In earnest letters to her best friend, Letty depicts her fears of inadequacy and inferiority, and the frustration of having to “make do” while other seemingly “have it all”. In an desperate attempt to earn recognition, Margaret abando...
Drowning Ruth
Drowning Ruth is a novel written about the affects of keeping a deep, dark secret on the structure of a family and how this secret can cause lives to deteriorate and people to lose their minds. The novel takes place in 1919 in a small town at Lake Nagawaukee in Wisconsin, which is coincidentally where Christina Schwarz grew up. Amanda Starkey, a young nurse, found she was not emotionally invested enough to care for her patients properly and decided to co...