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Faces of Fear
The second in the Inspector Terry mystery series does not fail to deliver. Spindler effectively combines a taut thriller with a penetrating analysis of phobics. This book is littered with them, and they suffer from a fear of everything from butterflies to bridges. While they are being cured by their psychologist, Joy Canova, they find themselves having to deal with something far worse, the fact that some of them have been singled out to be murdered by th...
Rhythm of Revenge
Twenty two year old Jessica Warner is thought by many to be a spoiled brat, however few of the people who think they know her are aware that the young woman carries a heavy burden from her childhood. It is a burden not easy to bear at this or any age. The reader is drawn into the tale from the opening pages and is held in Jessica's grasp as tightly as she holds the characters appearing with her in the book. This inaugural mystery by writer Christine ...