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Big Ice
Seth Peterson witnesses a car crash during a snowstorm in Washington, D.C. As the crashed Blazer begins to smolder and the onlooking crowd does nothing, Seth rescues the driver, narrowly escaping the escalating flames. Unfortunately for the seriously social phobic Seth, the rescue brings unwanted media attention. Seth has more than enough scrutiny that he can stand thanks to his discovery. As a Polar Ice Researcher, he believes that he has developed a...
Wake Up Dead
After researcher Mason Brooks invents a dream-the-future machine, he uses it to amass riches in stocks and gambling and to impress the young and comely Monica Westfield. But then he starts dreaming, and avoiding, his own death with increasing frequency. Death is seemingly imminent. The various lethal dreams share only one common component: the presence of a complete stranger, Paul Fontana. Now Brooks and Fontana are linked in an enigmatic death d...