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Ross Baker loves computer games, but after being in an experiment he appears to be stuck inside one for real. Ross Baker is a scientist with a love of computer games who has just found out his girlfriend is pregnant, but cannot tell him. He is fed up and decides to help another scientist friend with an experiment with terrible consequences. He agrees to having a full brain scan carried out, but wakes up and appears to be caught up in an alternative reali...
One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night
Grove, May 2003, 12.00, 373 pp. ISBN: 0802139809 With so many icons converted into tourist attractions, Gavin Hutchinson figures his idea to adapt a North Sea oil rig into a "floating holiday experience" for tourists is a sure shot. Gavin believes that people want vacations that are different without having to really travel any distances. To test his concept, Gavin offers to host a fifteen-year high school reunion at his resort. Most of the i...
Quite Ugly One Morning
Jack Parlabane is an investigative journalist caught up in a gruesome murder in the apartment below his. Jack Parlabane is what you would call a gritty investigative journalist in Scotland with a tendency to bend the laws and do so without a care in the world. Quite Ugly One Morning follows his investigation into the murder of an Edinburgh family that worked in medicine and lived below his rented flat with him being the person that uncovers their bodies....