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Body Bags: A Body of Evidence Thriller #1
Jenna Blake is a brand new freshman at Somerset University in Massachusetts. It was the first time that she would be away from her mother, but Jenna was excited to dive into college life. She loved her new roommate, Yoshiko, and was happy to spend some more time with her father, a university professor of law, whom she hadn't seen very much after her parents divorced. The only problem was that everyone kept pressuring her to decide what she wanted to majo...
Jack Dwyer runs a pub with his sister. Then his best friend Artie dies and comes back as a ghost, knowing he has to tell someone about the Prowlers and stop them. Prowlers are were-wolf like creatures and the entire race is soon against Jack when they find out he knows about them. Can Jack stop the Prowlers before they kill him and more of his friends? ...
Straight On 'Til Morning
STRAIGHT ON ‘TIL MORNING Signet, Apr 2001, 6.99, 336 pp. ISBN: 045126276 Thirteen years old Kevin, like most males his age, runs wild with raging hormones. He has a crush on an older woman, fifteen years old Nikki who spends lots of time alone with Kevin, but sees him as a friend, not a boyfriend. At a local teen hangout, Peter Starling accompanied by his brother Doug and two friends confront Kevin and his closest friends, but though punche...
The Ferryman
Signet, May 2002, 6.99, 336 pp. ISBN 0451205812 Once they were lovers but Janine Hartschorn left David Bairstow because her ex-boyfriend and the love of her life wanted her back. When she became pregnant with Spencer's child, he dumped her. The baby died and Janine almost did as well but she was a fighter and refused to go into the boat of Charon the Ferryman. When David pays Janine a condolence call, the spark of passion and love ...

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