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Over the Line
Jason Wilson spent one to many days next to heavy guns in the Army Rangers and is now partially deaf. Armed with a honorable discharge and no idea what he is going to do with his life he sets out to find his way. Along this path he becomes a drunk, a bouncer and a semi-pro wrestler before finally deciding to take up his former buddy on an offer of a job. When he contacts Nolan at his security firm he is immediately welcomed into the fold. Jason spend...
To The Brink
Darcy Prescott US Consulate Worker in Manila is the ex-wife of Ethan Garrett. Ethan is a former special services member who comes home one night to find that Darcy has left him a panicked message to call her. When he can't reach her and her coworker is killed he gathers up his brothers and best friend and they launch a rescue attempt. The story intertwines chapters back to how Darcy and Ethan met, married and divorced. Darcy has been kidnapped an...