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Unearthed (Romance)
Life is moving along rather bumpily for Tess Mackenzie. She does not have very high hopes. Then Mr. Ugly-Mugger steps in her path demanding her money, and suddenly, life spins out of control. Fortunately, just as things are starting to get distressing, Tess is rescued. He is tall - very tall - dark and handsome. Oh, boy is he handsome! He is everything a woman could dream about - only one draw back: he is alien and he just kidnapped her! Cohl T...
Unearthed (Science Fiction)
Tess MacKenzie is trying her hardest to make it to the big time. She put her singing/songwriting on hold for years to help her parents run their business, but now it is her time to succeed. So when Cohl Travers, a sexy alien and his robot, Pitz, kidnap her, Tess is less than pleased. She can't believe that Cohl needs her voice to find some amulet on a long deserted planet to save the life of his father. Things like this just don't happen to her! Cohl...
Love Spell, May 2004, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0505525739 In Virginia, a distraught Lacey Garrett knows she must start over since her former fiancÚ stole her business and her savings, and left behind a cat Oliver and nothing else. She vows on New Year's Eve to never allow anyone especially a male to interfere with her life. However, five minutes after her resolutions to play it safe and ignore men, Lacey and Oliver find themselves on board a space...
Lovespell, Oct 2003, 5.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0505525623 Going through her father's possessions following his death, Tru Van Dye finds an odd artifact. She researches the out of place item and concludes that she may have found the key to a treasure of ancient relics. More important to her, though she has always lived in a contained community, she feels strongly that she must complete her dad's work. This is her opportunity plus Tru has to secure he...

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