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Dark Fire
Matthew Shardlake is involved in trying to defend a young girl accused of murdering her young cousin. His involvement in such a case, apparently cut and dried, brings him once more to the attention of the King's chief minister Thomas Cromwell. The secret of Greek Fire, the legendary weapon, has been discovered and Cromwell wants it for his master. When Shardlake is sent to recover it, he finds the owners murdered and the secret missing. He must follow...
Dissolution concerns the investigation of a murder in a monastery in Tudor England, just as the monks' world is poised to end. Matthew Shardlake is a London lawyer working through the religious upheaval in the reign of Henry VIII. Commissioned by Thomas Cromwell - the King's minister dedicated to the destruction of the monasteries - he is sent on a mission to the south coast of England. His mission is to investigate the death of a royal representative at...
Dissolution a Novel of Tudor England
Dissolution a Novel of Tudor England C.J. Sansom Viking Penguin, 2003, 387 PP ISBN: 0-670-03203-4 This is a mystery set in Tudor England. King Henry VIII had severed the Church's ties with Rome a few years before and the country is in turmoil as Protestant reformers struggle to impose their version of reform on the Catholic Church in England while the Catholic hierarchy in England struggles to preserve the right to maintain the traditional doct...