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The Emerald Tears of Foxfire Manor
This story takes place in war ravaged North Carolina in the year 1864. Kathryn McClary got a marriage proposal that she felt she couldn't refuse. She accepted, always knowing that she could never have more than feelings of friendship towards the sweet young man, Robert Kincaid. She vowed to make him happy in exchange for the security he offered her. He took her to his home, Foxfire Manor. There, she met his older brother, the enigmatic Matthew. Despite h...
The Ghostly Screams of Stormhaven
Elizabeth Stevens aquired a position with the Earl of Chesham at Stormhaven. She knew she was lucky to get this job and she was immediately drawn to the beautiful manor house. She was even more drawn to the dark and brooding master of Stormhaven, Derek Vanderworth. When she met his tiny four-year-old daughter, Amy, she became determined to discover why the little girl stopped speaking after the death of her mother the year before. As she became more invo...
The Jeweled Heart of Rosemont Castle
When Annie Guinn's father dies, she learns that he really wasn't her father. On his deathbed she learns that her real name is Anna Montford and her father is the wealthy Lewis Montford. Now she just has to prove it to the Montfords, which would have been easy if Christian Belissaud wasn't so suspicious of her. As Lewis's stepson, he actually controlled the estate due to Lewis's "illness." Annie determines to find out what happened to her long lost mother...