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Beloved Stranger
Lily has been married to Dick for 50 years. Dick is becoming increasingly suspicious. He gives away large sums of money to people he doesn't know well, then thinks he's being swindled. He believes there's an intruder in their Dublin home, and even suspects Lily of having an affair. He gets to the point of threatening her with a shotgun, actually putting it in her mouth. Lily finally, reluctantly admits to her daughter Ruth, a single professional w...
Emma Brown
Viking, Apr 2004, 25.95 ISBN: 0670032972 A gentleman drops off heiress Matilda Fitzgibbon to attend Fulchia Lodge as a student. The three Wilcox sisters (the Bronte sisters?) who run the school hide their excitement. However, Matilda complains she suffers from amnesia only remembering being sold like cattle and soon the three owners become concerned that no money has been forthcoming as promised. Not long afterward, Matilda apparently runs a...