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A Meeting of Minds
Dunne, Aug 2004, 22.95, 224 pp. ISBN: 031231874X Just back from a family vacation in warm Madeira, Detective Superintendent Mike Yeadings realizes the cold is inside his bones proving he has not adjusted to winter, which remains a month away. At least the naked corpse except for the fur coat was not found in the river, but instead in a pub yard in Henley on Thames. Mike and his team arrive on site to determine whether a crime was committed or a...
Don't Leave Me
St. Martin's, Jan 2002, 27.95, 224 pp. ISBN: 0312286783 Thames Valley police Detective Superintendent Mike Yeadings feels that déjà vu has occurred when 11-year-old Julie Winterton is reported missing. Eight years ago Julie's father writer Daniel reported his wife Caroline vanished with most of their bank account. Then Sergeant Mike investigated the disappearance until Caroline later surfaced in the Canary Islands accompanied by a neighbor....
The Body of a Woman
Dunne, May 2003, 23.95, 240 pp. ISBN: 0312288212 Thames Valley Detective Superintendent Mike Yeadings recognizes the elegantly dressed body found in Shotters Wood as gift shop owner Leila Knightley. However, efforts to notify next of kin turn farcical, as no family members seem to be around in area except perhaps her husband Aidan, who is probably sleeping with someone. The family returns home with the victim's stepdaughter Chloe coming back ...