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The Best Cat Ever
In this book Cleveland Amory shares more stories from his life and the life of his cat, Polar Bear, a companion of many years he had rescued from the streets on one Christmas night. This is the third book in the series. Unlike the first two, it has more stories of people Mr. Amory had met while he owned Polar Bear than stories about the cat himself, althouth the cat is of course present throughout the book. The book tells more about Mr. Amory's work a...
The Cat Who Came for Christmas
Cleveland Amory, a writer, animal rescuer, and the founder of Fund for Animals, tells the story of his cat, a stray he had named Polar Bear. It was on a snowy Christmas night that another animal rescuer took Mr. Amory to the building where this sick, starved, and abused cat had found its refuge. The owner of the building had given orders to get rid of the cat, so the poor fellow's time was running up. Mr. Amory rescued the cat (who did not know he was...