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Crossing the One
Delacorte, May 2004, 23.00 ISBN: 0385336373 Two FBI agents, Mary Chang and Tom Cochran, work a deal with drug addict Roberto Burns. In exchange for clemency of his felony charges, they will use him as a pawn to gain criminal information on former Mexicali drug dealer Jesus Hidalgo, who relocated to Wyoming after being on the losing end of a vicious gang war in Mexico. Hidalgo plans to establish an illegal drug producing lab in an abandoned mine...
The Edge of Justice
Delacorte, Jun 2002, 21.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 038533625X Wyoming Special Agent Anton Burns goes to Laramie to investigate the death of a young female mountain climber. The local officials quickly declare that Kate Dunning died from an accidental fall, but Anton has immediate doubts that a major cover-up is occurring. As he begins to make inquiries into the final days of Kate, Anton also deals with his media image of "Quick Draw" and "rogue cop" f...
Trial by Ice and Fire
Delacorte, Jul 2003, 21.95, 311 pp. ISBN: 0385337353 Wyoming Special Agent Antonio Burns once killed three people in an incident that went so bad that he still wonders what else he could have done. Though his reputation thanks to the media pounding is that of "QuickDraw," his superiors assign Burns to protect state prosecutor Cali Morrow from a stalker The job seems easy on the surface or perhaps more descriptive the side of a cliff, but Anto...