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Fire Ice - The NUMA Files 3
After the breakup of the Old Soviet Union, an evil, power-mad leader arises. With the help of a mad Rasputin-like monk, this charismatic individual begins to draw many of the now-defunct USSR military personnel to his side. His goal? World conquest, of course. His method? Inducing tsunamis near the American coastline which will devastate the ocean-bordering states. Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala, two top investigator/scientists with an organization c...
White Death
Putnam, Jul 2003, 26.95, 432 pp. ISBN: 0399150412 In 1515, a Basque caravel sinks two Spanish war galleys. In 1935 a German zeppelin soars northward on a top-secret flight to reach the North Pole, but in the Arctic the Germans see a ship stranded on the ice. He goes to help. In the present off the Faroe Islands, whale rescuers try to stop Islanders from killing whales, but lose control of the ship to an overhead helicopter that sends the vesse...