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The Crack in the Teacup
When young Jerry Beakey is abducted, volunteer Shelly Lambert and veteran detective Steve Music are drawn together, not only by their common interest in finding Jerry, but by the instant attraction they feel on first contact. Time goes on; people die, but the case goes as cold as the relationship between Steve and Shelly. She has not been quite honest about her background, and Steve is a man to whom honesty and honor are paramount. He can't stand a ...
The Little Mornings
Darcy Lemarsh is a loser. Troubled Angela Berry is a loser. Professor Jason Berry is an alcoholic old loser. Three losers. But put them together and they are "Mad, bad, and dangerous to know". Ailing Professor Berry has sold a novel, but there's no way he can go on a promotional tour so he enlists the aid of Angie's boyfriend, Darcy. As Darcy explains, "I have a hard time writing my name", but Darcy has a good memory and Berry prepares him for t...