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The Dead of Jericho
Another entry in the series about the Oxford detective, Morse and his sergeant, Lewis. Morse meets a woman at a party and is attracted to her (Morse is always falling in love!). One day, he happens to be near her house, so he goes to visit, but no one appears to be in. Then he discovers that she was home and she was dead. The verdict is suicide (Morse's romances never work out). Morse and Lewis investigate. Morse is not sure that she killed herse...
The Remorseful Day
In "The Remorseful Day," author Colin Dexter writes an epitaph for his very successful Inspector Morse series and he does so with great class. It is no secret that this is the last of the series and Dexter goes back to a previous time and case to lay the foundation for this story. A year ago, Yvonne Harrison was found murdered, yet no conviction was made. Morse was involved in this case and when it is re-opened, he is most reluctant to get involved, b...
The Wench Is Dead
The eighth of Dexter's Inspector Morse series finds Morse recovering from a bleeding ulcer in Oxford's Radcliffe Hospital. Reading to stave off boredom, he runs across the tale of a murder case that took place (and was ostensibly solved) more than a century before. The body of a young woman was found drowned in the Oxford Canal in 1859, and two men eventually hanged for the murder. Increasingly convinced the men were innocent, Morse must prevail on other...