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Big Girls Don't Cry
This book review is about a young black woman who struggles with race relations. She came from a humble background with parents who lived modestly for a middle income family. Even though she was sheltered from some effects of racism, she witnessed the hatred toward people or color. She learned early in life that there were different standards for people of color and had to excel harder to be ten times better than white people. During her teenager yea...
Money Can't Buy Love
Lenore needs to catch a break, and winning the lottery seems like it may do the trick. Money is just one of Lenora's issues. She needs a dependable car to keep her job as a magazine photographer and her trusty Honda keeps threatening to die on her with each poor start. Gerald has been her man for three years and has yet to pop the big question. Their sex life hasn't had any sparks in months. At thirty-eight, Lenora wants to get married and start ...