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Competition Can Be Murder
Intrigue, April 2004, 24.95, 292 pp. ISBN 1890768596 Married couple Charlie Parker and Drake Langston leaves sunny New Mexico for the mist and fog of Scotland to help get their friend Brian Swinney out of trouble. Britt won the lucrative contract transporting goods and people on his helicopters to the oil rigs but his is essentially a one man operation and he has to leave to see his very ill father in the hospital. Charlie and Drake will take o...
Honeymoons Can Be Murder
Intrigue, Feb 2001, 23.95, 268 pp. ISBN: 1890768308 Private investigator Charlie Parker has definitely had a tumultuous year as she almost was killed during her last case, had half her house burned down, and even married. Currently, Charlie and her spouse, helicopter pilot Drake are sleeping in her now cramped office quarters, RJP Investigators while repairs occur to their Albuquerque home. When Drake receives a job offer to operate heli-sk...