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Hawk's Pledge
Whit Hawk was a gambler and loner looking for the answers as to what happened to his family. He found Jacqueline Douglas, a lady rancher trying to hang on to her ranch. He hires on as a ranch hand, while investigating his family's deaths and disappearances. He falls for the lady rancher, who is being tormented by the shipping magnate who also deprived him of his family. Romance blossoms between the two, while danger lurks from an unknown enemy. ...
Hawk's Pursuit
Jena Leigh Hawk is a newspaperwoman who is looking for her family. She decides to go to Galvaston, Texas, where her family originated, to see if she can locate any of her brothers and sisters. Jena decides to keep working at the Galvaston paper using her pen name, J.L. Rebel, who everyone thinks is a man. Her first assignment is to investigate the murder of a local prostitute. Colonol Clay Madison has just been reassigned to Galvaston and has ...
Heart of Texas
Leisure, Jun 2004, 6.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0843953659 In the 1880s when her dad dies, Casey Hamilton realizes that she and her siblings have only one place to go. They head west to Texas to claim the ranch her uncle left her though Casey knows nothing about the spread. How nothing Casey knows about ranching hits home when she arrives at the Spanish Slur Ranch. Half-breed Gabe Slaughter offers to run the spread for her in exchange for room and bo...
Moon Racer
Leisure, Aug 2003, 6.99, 351 pp. ISBN: 0843951885 In 1870, eight-year-old Abigail Hunter feels her life is over as they bury her mother who apparently killed by her father and is incarcerated for murder. Her three older brothers try to help her cope, but the tragedy seem too much for them as it is for her. One by-product of no longer having a mom is Abby was raised as a rancher on the Hill Country, Texas Half-Moon Ranch rather than as a lady. ...

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