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Twelve-year old Meggie Folchart lives alone with her father; Mo. Mo is a talented book binder whose love for books is only superseded by his love for Meggie and for his lost wife. Meggie had never been told where her mother went or why she left, all she knows is she has been without her mother since she was three-years old. She wonders why her dad never reads aloud to her, until one day she realizes that she and her dad can read characters out of book...
The Thief Lord (Science Fiction)
Two brothers run away from their home after the death of their mother, when they learn of their aunt's plan to separate them. The brothers join a small group of orphans living in an abandoned movie theatre in Venice. The orphans' theatre home and all the bare necessities of their lives are provided for them by another child who calls himself the Thief Lord. The Thief Lord comes and goes as he pleases, never staying the night in the theatre, and when he c...
The Thief Lord (Literature)
The Thief Lord tells the story of a group of kids on the streets of Venice, supported by a boy named Scipio, who calls himself “The Thief Lord”. Scipio provides all they need by stealing from the wealthy houses of Venice. As the story begins two young boys, Prosper and Bo join the group after running away from their aunt and uncle. A detective, Victor Getz, has been hired by their aunt and uncle to find the boys so they can adopt Bo. In the meantime,...