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Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Julius is an ad-hoc leader of Disney World's Liberty Square and a castmember of the Haunted Mansion or the "Mansion” as it has come to be known by its zealous crew and worldwide horde of enthusiasts. He has been drawn to a life of living and working at the park since his first visit as a ten year-old kid. Disney World is now run by the “ad-hocracy” who wrested control from the shareholders years earlier in a bloodless coup. Julius, called Jules by his...
Eastern Standard Tribe
Tor, Mar 2004, 23.95, 224 pp. ISBN: 0765307596 While working for an international monolith that either files employees away or deletes them, interface designer Art Berry is developing a data flow management program. His objective is to create the most user-unfriendly software ever promulgated on an ill-cyber public. Art is an underground operator for the global Eastern Standard Tribe though he resides in the heartland of the Greenwich Mean Trib...
Little Brother
Marcus is a seventeen year old high school student and computer whiz in San Francisco. He is a generally good kid but prone to hacking and when the story opens he is called into the principals office on suspicion of just that but as usual there is no evidence. Later that day he and his friend Darryl skip out of school to play a massive online game that involves a real world scavenger hunt. Shortly after they get downtown they run into some other class...