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Black Sun Rising - Coldfire Trilogy 1
Erna had been colonized a millenium ago by far-distant Earth. Now, mankind has found a way to survive with the fae, a natural force that has the power to prey upon a person's worst fears. But the dark forces of the fae are multiplying as human sorcerers try to manipulate it. Damien Kilcannon Vryce, a priest, finds himself on a mission to save his newfound friend, the adept, Ciani. Along the way, they are forced to accept help from the Hunter, a dange...
The Madness Season
For 300 years, the alien Tyr had ruled the Earth, imprisoning the true individualists, the geniuses, in dome colonies on poisonous worlds, forcing them to work on projects which the Try hoped would reveal all of humankinds secrets. But Daetrin's secret was one no one had ever uncovered. Taken into custody by the Tyr, he would have to confront the truth about himself at last -- and if he failed, all humans would pay the price. ...
This Alien Shore
Spaceships landed on various worlds and colonized them. When Earth again reopened flight to the star, a planet named Guera held a monopoly over interspace travel, for only they can avoid the danger of further mutation. Many other companies don't like Guera's monopoly and want to also be able to fly in space without a Gueran. A girl by the name of Jamisia lives on one of Earth's satellites, and when raiders comes to the satellite to capture her, she i...