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A Solitary Blue
Melody lives with her son Jeff and her husband who the call the Professor and when Jeff is in the second grade Melody left them and went to her home town in South Carolina. Then for almost six years Jeff did not talk to his mother. When Jeff was going into the seventh grade the Professor said that Jeff's mom wanted Jeff to go to her home town to visit her. Then Jeffrie goes to visit his mom for the summer before he has to go to school and gets to k...
Dicey's Song
After their mentally ill mother abandoned them, Dicey Tillerman and her brothers and sister have found their way to their poverty-stricken grandmother's farm. Dicey struggles with responsibility for her younger siblings, fitting in at her new school, making friends, and working a part-time job. The mother eventually dies in a mental hospital and Dicey has to learn how to let go....
After losing her job and single-handedly raising four children, their mother just broke down. Her mind just stopped. And she never came back. Leaving the children alone in the car alone on a hot summer day, worried and frightened, but still awaiting her return. A whole day and long night went by and still nothing. The only thing to do was the only thing they would do to stay together. So Dicey, the eldest child or four, lightened their load and set off...

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