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The Bone Orchard
Bantam, Mar 2002, 6.50, 336 pp. ISBN: 0553584162 In Southampton, Long Island, private investigator Frank Gannon hires Declan MacManus to tail a client's son-in-law who might be cheating. Declan wants to say no, but cannot allow his best friend Augie, still recovering from severe injuries, to go on the case alone. Augie and Declan conduct a stakeout in a lonely back road when they notice a person in the nearby woods. Soon a car arrive...
The Poisoned Rose
Bantam, Oct 2002, 6.50 ISBN 0553584197 He lives in a quiet little Long Island town that is home to the rich and famous but booms during the summer season. There is a clear class division year round between the rich and the working stiffs like Declan MacManus, a man barely making ends meet, who is drunk more than he is sober. Frank Gannon, a powerful private detective in the area, hires Mac and pairs him up with Augie to deal with a man who prom...