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The Bastard King
Roc, March 2003, 14.95, 448 pp. ISBN 0451459148 In the Kingdom of Avornis, King Mergus took a seventh wife when his concubine gave birth to his son and heir, an action that was illegal since a monarch is only allowed six spouses. When Lanius is still a young child, his father dies and his uncle declares himself the ruler with nobody contesting his right to the throne. When he dies, Lanius is still too young and a regent is appointed to rule unt...
The Chernagor Pirates
Roc, April 2004, 14.95, 448 pp. ISBN 0451459563 In the Kingdom of Avornis, two monarchs sit on the diamond throne; King Lanius has royal blood running through his veins while King Grus is a commoner who seized power when the young ruler's mother tried to kill him through sorcery. King Grus forced Lanius to marry his daughter to further consolidate his base of power and to keep the young monarch on a very short leash. Both men want what is best ...
The Scepter's Return
Don Chernenko Roc, March 2005 14.95, 448 pp. ISBN 0451460146 In the realm of Avornis, two monarchs rule; after years of mutual distrust, Kings Grus and Lanius co-exist peacefully. Lanius is married to Grus' daughter, but resents sharing the crown. Both rulers are determined to retrieve the Scepter of Mercy that was stolen by the Menteshe tribes and now resides in their heavily fortified city of Yozgat. King Grus leads a military campaign into...