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The Pirate Captive
Nicholas was a pirate with revenge on his mind. His family had cast him and his mother aside when his father died. And that caused his mother to get sick and die as well. After that they still turned their shoulder on him. Yes, he was out for revenge. He pillaged every ship they tried to bring in and he had well laid plans to destroy them with everything he could. He even stole his cousin's bride. Merrit was on a ship heading for her fiancÚ's res...
Wild Texas Bride
Sarah Bass grew up loving Billy Cooper, her older brother's best friend. Billy was a Ranger who never had a very loving family. He fell in with the Basses and they had treated him like he was family from the beginning. But now he was going to be tested. He took an assignment to track down a gang that had been terrorizing towns and killing people. His job was to join the gang and find out who they had on the inside, who their boss was, and who was feed...