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A Death in Vienna
Putnam, March 2004, 25.95, 446 pp. ISBN 0399154435 When he is not restoring art, Israeli Gabriel Allon works as an espionage agent for his country. He is sent to Vienna to investigate the bombing of the Wartime Claims and Inquiries Bureau run by Eli Lavon. Gabriel learns that Eli was trying to prove that wealthy businessman Ludwig Vogel was an SS officer at Auschwitz. Vogel is spending millions to get the Austrian National Party candidate elec...
Prince of Fire
Putnam, Feb 2005, 25.95, 436 pp. ISBN 039915243 The bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, the bombing of an Istanbul synagogue, and the suicide bombing of the Israeli embassy in Rome are the work of one mastermind, a terrorist trained by Yassar Arafat. After the bombing in Rome, the Israelis were able to trace one of the perpetrators to his home and there they found the dossier of Gabriel Allon, currently working as an art resto...
The English Assassin
Putnam, Mar 2002, 25.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0399148515 English art gallery owner Julie Isherwood obtains a commission for Mario Delvecchio to go to Zurich to restore a painting. Mario has no idea who the client is or what painting he is to clean, but the money is too good to ignore. In Zurich, Mario finds his host is not at his villa and learns from Julie that there is a change of plans. Julie provides Mario with the security codes to enter the...
The Messenger
Israeli spy Gabriel Allon, hero of several earlier books by Daniel Silva, returns in his latest novel. After living in Europe, Gabriel has returned to Israel to resuming working as one the world's great art restorers. However, when his mentor is viciously attacked, Gabriel returns to Mossad's Special Forces bureau to find the culprit. At about the same time, he is summoned to the Vatican to thwart a terrorist offensive at St. Peter's Basilica. With t...

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