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The Death Of Sweet Mister
Overweight 13-year-old "Shug" Akins lives in the Missouri Ozarks with his beautiful mother Glenda and his father Red. Glenda starts sipping her "tea" about 10 a.m. and keeps her thermos close all day. Glenda sometimes teases Shug with the idea that Red may not actually be his father. Red stays busy with his best friend Basil running around the countryside pulling small time heists. Sometimes they involve Shug in criminal activities, knowing he'd get...
Winter's Bone
Ree Dolly has to track down her father before her family loses their home. Ree Dolly is sixteen year's old and a warrior woman in the making. With her dad Jessup gone missing yet again, her younger brothers in need of parenting an stability, and her mother suffering from mental and physical illness, Ree's hands are full. The town has over two hundred Dolly's and they are a tight knit bunch. Meth labs provides luxury life in the mountains for some of ...