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Frenchman's Creek (Literature)
Lady Dona St Columb lives at court in London with her pleasant but dull husband Harry and their two small children, while having the odd mild flirtation with Lord Rockingham. One night she and Rockingham dress up as highwaymen for a joke, and badly frighten an elderly lady. As a result she is thoroughly ashamed of herself and the utterly boring life she is leading. As a result she decides to make a complete break and takes herself plus the children, but ...
Frenchman's Creek (Literature)
Jamaica Inn
Mary Yellan is forced to live with her horrible uncle and discovers his illegal smuggling business. After fighting for her freedom she regains her life in the end....
Rebecca (Romance)
Love, hate, and murder. Daphne Du Maurier combines all the elements in this thrilling and engaging romantic mystery. A young woman finds herself swept up in balls, mansions, and fancy manners after marrying a man on impulse whom she met in France. Yet life is not the fairy tale she imagined. Her new husband, Maxim de Winter, does not return the love she bears for him, and the spiteful chamberwoman, Mrs. Danvers, resents the new bride's very entrance ...

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Rebecca (Literature)
The book's heroine is first introduced as a travelling companion to the wealthy and obnoxious Mrs. Van Hopper. Tired of the petty tyranny she constantly experiences from her snobbish employer, yet trapped by her modest means, the book's heroine expects a sad and lonely stay in the glamorous Monte Carlo. Yet her pessimism is interrupted by the entrance of the handsome,mysterious Maximilian de Winter, heir to the famous country estate, Manderly. Mr de ...
Rebecca (Literature)
A young woman is swept off her feet by Maxim de Winter. They elope and move to his immense estate, Manderley. The new Mrs. de Winter finds herself being drawn into the life of Rebecca - Maxim's first wife - dead but never forgotten. Eerie things still remind Mrs. de Winter of Rebecca. Like how Rebecca's clothes and room are still kept to her liking by her faithful servant, Mrs. Danvers. Strange feelings lead Mrs. de Winter to begin her search for the fat...
The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte
This biography examines the life of Branwell Bronte, the brother of the famous sisters Emily, Charlotte, and Anne Bronte. Branwell was considered the most talented of the Bronte siblings in his youth. He not only lead his sisters in the imaginative games the Brontes devised, but he also wrote the most poetry of the children. While Branwell was young, Emily, Anne, and Charlotte collaborated with their brother in creating intricate poems and writings ab...

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