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Anything You Can Do
Lane Brooks is a journalist wanting to get a promotion. She applies for a magazine job only to find that Clay Crawford, who she had a one-night encounter with a year ago, has also applied. The interviewer sets them an unusual task -- whoever can most quickly investigate and report back to him on a story will win the position. The subject of their story is The Florida Feline Federation and they have to attend a cat show together. Lane and Clay arrive ...
Bait and Switch
Love Spell, Oct 2002, 5.99, 368 pp. ISBN: 0505525216 In the middle of the night, Cary Mitchell flees Charleston to obtain help from his twin brother Grant better known as “Mitch”. Cary owes bookie Flash Gorman twenty grand that if he does not pay now will lead to broken kneecaps. Cary also mentions that he has stolen from the till of a bar filled with dirty money to pay off some of the debt. What he fails to tell his sibling, an Atlanta cop, i...
Snoops in the City
Love Spell, Jul 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0505525860 In Florida, twenty-five years old Tori Whitley knows it is time for her to become independent as her brother the architect and her sister the pediatrician have been. However, when you have no skills and are used to depending on others it is hard to obtain a decent job. However, her cousin Eddie Sassenbury down in Boca Raton offers her work as his assistant in his private sleuthing business th...
The Misconception
Love Spell, May 2002, 320 pp. ISBN: 0505524813 Biology professor Dr. Marietta Dalrymple believes that males cannot be monogamous. Feeling the natal need to have a child to raise by herself, Marietta meticulously plans her pregnancy to the most minuscule detail. She advertises in a scientific journal for male donors, establishes a valid checklist, and evaluates each candidate based on her criteria. High on her list are the attributes family hea...

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