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The Dain Curse
The Continental-op is unconvinced about the nature of a reported diamond theft from the home of Edgar Leggett, quickly concluding, after finding a discarded stone in the Leggetts' yard, that the theft was an inside job. Matters rapidly escalate with many deaths ensuing, and the Legetts' enigmatic daughter, Gabrielle, is the prime suspect. ...
The Maltese Falcon
A Miss Wonderly shows up at the office of San Francisco private investigator Sam Spade. Her story is that she's looking for her missing 17-year-old sister, who ran off with an older man. Spade, who has been having an affair with the wife of his partner Miles Archer, sends Miles off to shadow the suspect, but Miles is shot dead during the night. Sam gets Miss Wonderly to confess her real name is Brigid O'Shaughnessy and that she's on the trail of the M...

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