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Big Trouble
Eliot Arnold is a mild-mannered ad-man and former reporter living in Miami. His business is going under and his teenage son Matt thinks he is a "dork." One night, Eliot is called to the Cocoa Beach home of business executive Arthur Herk, where his son has been in a fight with Herk's wife because he arrived at the house intending to play-out a game called "Killer," which involves stalking a target with a squirt-gun. Matt's target is Jenny, Herk's stepd...
Dave Barry Does Japan
In Dave Barry Does Japan, nationally syndicated columnist Dave Barry recalls his travels around the nation of Japan along with his then wife and young son in 1991. He writes about his three week working vacation paid for by his publishing company. It is hilarious as he stumbles and bumbles his family through Japan, to tourist destinations like Tokyo and Mt. Fuji. He is perplexed by the customs, culture, language, cuisine, manners, and means of transp...
Tricky Business
Putnam, Oct 2002, 24.95, 256pp. ISBN 0399149242 Tropical Storm Hector is playing havoc in the waters near Miami Beach and most people are staying indoors rather than go on the roads or sail their boats in the dangerous ocean. The Extravaganza of the Sea is a cruise ship that goes out past the three-mile limit into international waters so the passengers can have an evening of gambling. It is going out on the night Hector hits because it has a sc...