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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
This is a memior of a few years in the life of Dave Eggers. He loses both of his parents within a month of each other and is left to raise his youngest brother, Toff. He moves with his sister, Beth, to California where they live first in a house on a hill. But at the end of the summer they move to Berkley. Dave struggles to raise Toff since he has never so much as babysat before. Beth does help, but Dave is the primary caregiver. Every now and then Dave ...
You Shall Know Our Velocity
In Pulitzer Prize nominated author Dave Eggers' first novel, two friends, Will and Hand, travel the world attempting to give away $32,000 in one week. As the novel opens, the narrator, Will, nonchalantly tells the reader that he is dead. He treats this as an insignificant detail, not relevant to the more important story of his charitable mission. Will is compelled to initiate this strange mission after the tragic and untimely death of his best friend ...