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A Man Named Dave
Dave Pelzer is a man with a vision. As a young boy, up until the age of 12, Dave is constantly belittled, tortured, beaten to within an inch of his life, starved, and made to drink ammonia and chlorox on a daily basis by his very own mother! During the course of his early 20's Dave loses his father to cancer and vows to become a firefighter just like his Dad so he joins the airforce. It takes many years before Dave gets to realize his dream - and th...
The Privilege of Youth: A Teenager's Story of Longing for Acceptance and Friendship
Dave Pelzer's biographical account tells of his teen years as an abused child placed into foster care in California in the 1970's. Currently working at an exhausting pace to spread his message of hope and triumph as a public speaker crossing the country for weeks at a time he recounts the events of his teen years that changed the course of his life. He was rescued in 1973 from a childhood home fraught with abuse, starvation, torture and neglect at the ...